Coalition's Plan

MORE JOBS – Over 1,000,000 jobs created since 2015.

SMALL BUSINESS TAX CUTS – Tax cuts for 3.2 million businesses employing 6.7 million Australians.

FIXING THE BUDGET – Over $37 billion in Budget savings since the election. We have halved the growth in expenditure and are on track for a balanced budget in 2020-21.

CRACKING DOWN ON PAEDOPHILES – We’ve Introduced Carly’s Law, which has already led to high profile arrests and have banned registered sex offenders from holding an Australian passport.

MORE AFFORDABLE CHILD CARE – We’re abolishing the $7,613 annual cap for families and introducing a new Child Care Subsidy, meaning around one million families will benefit.

MORE SCHOOLS FUNDING – Extra $23.5 billion over a decade –Our agreement replaces 27 secret deals and will provide needs based funding for all students. Our agreement also sees a 50% increase in funding for the average student.

BETTER HEALTH CARE – 86% of GP visits bulk billed last year – 21 million more than Labor’s last year. Hospital funding at record levels and new reforms introduced to improve private health insurance.

FIGHTING TERROR – 14 major terrorist plots have been foiled. The Government is boosting our security agencies, has introduced tougher anti-terror laws and is revoking the citizenship of dual nationals who engage in terrorism.

SECURE BORDERS – No boats in three years. 17 detention centres closed, no children in detention.

DEPORTING CRIMINALS – We’ve changed the rules to deport non-citizens who commit serious crimes. The Government has cancelled the visas of 3,000 serious criminals – including murderers, rapists, child sex offenders, armed robbers and drug dealers.

A STRONGER DEFENCE FORCE – Undertaking the largest regeneration of our Navy since WW2, with 54 new ships. With new weapons and air defence for our Army and new air combat capability, we’re building Australia’s sovereign defence capability.

RECORD INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT – Record $75 billion investment over the next decade in highway upgrades, congestion busting roads, rail projects, improved local roads and inland rail.

MORE EXPORTS – Rural exports up 19% last year.

TACKLING UNION LAWLESSNESS – Australian Building and Construction Commission restored to protect small businesses and the economy from CFMMEU lawlessness. Secret payments now banned between businesses and unions.

TACKLING SCOURGE OF ICE – AFP has seized over 14 tonnes of Ice since 2013. Record funding for law enforcement and treatment. Wastewater surveys show a recent drop in Ice use.