A Logan charity will receive funding from the Morrison Government to improve its security  infrastructure under the latest round of the Safer Communities Fund. 

Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General, Assistant Minister for Industrial Relations and  Assistant Minister for Women, Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker said a Slacks Creek  charity will be safer with security enhancements – as one of several Australian projects to  share in $9.4 million in grant funding. 

“Al-Furquan Charitable Islamic Trust will receive more than $145,000 for 32 fixed CCTV  cameras, security fencing, an alarm system and security doors,” said Senator Stoker. 

“These enhancements will help ensure people in our local community feel safe from violence,  harassment and anti-social behaviour as they go about their daily lives. 

“The new security infrastructure will deter further criminal and anti-social behaviour, including  incidents motivated by racial and religious intolerance, while also helping to protect the local  community. 

“It is important that we have strong law enforcement and security infrastructure measures in  place because all Australians deserve to feel safe and secure.” 

The Safer Communities Fund enables schools, pre-schools, places of religious worship,  community organisations and local councils to enhance their security through the installation  of infrastructure like fencing and gates, video surveillance, alarm systems, and the use of  security guards. 

The Fund is delivering on the Government’s commitment to community safety by supporting  locally-driven crime prevention initiatives.  

The Fund helps to provide the infrastructure needed to reduce crime and address anti-social  behaviour and is a long-standing program that has committed more than $215 million since  2016 and provided over 600 grants directly to local communities. 

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Authorised by Senator the Hon Amanda Stoker, Liberal National Party, Queensland