Transcript - Doorstop

Transcript – Doorstop


Subjects: Tune Review, Superannuation reforms, emissions targets, Religious Discrimination Bill


JOURNALIST: [Inaudible] …on the IR reforms?

AMANDA STOKER: Look, we are prepared to do whatever we need to do to make sure that Australians have as much opportunity to select from a great range of jobs and that we can make sure that projects work and it’s a great place to invest here. We’re always open to the opportunity to find ways to do that better, but we have put it before the Parliament recently, and until that position changes, I think we have to make the best of what we’ve got.


JOURNALIST: Can we expect that back by the end of the year?

AMANDA STOKER: Peter has been waiting patiently-

JOURNALIST: Yeah, let me jump in, sorry. Senator, Keith Pitt doesn’t think that the Nationals will agree to net zero emissions by 2050. Do you agree with him?

AMANDA STOKER: I don’t know that we need to have that argument because with our technology focus, we are driving in the right direction. I’m confident we will get there without having to set those kinds of somewhat arbitrary targets because, as the Prime Minister has said, everything we are doing is about driving the kind of technological improvements that are continually reducing emissions. That’s how we do this without imposing really high taxes or driving down the job opportunities and wages of Australians.

JOURNALIST: He said that the National Party hasn’t even had the discussion yet about getting to net zero by 2050. Is that a discussion you don’t think is even necessary?

AMANDA STOKER: Well, I think it’s always important that we’re talking about these things and having an open dialogue within our party room. That’s our culture, that’s what we do. So-

JOURNALIST: Did you meet with the faith leaders here earlier in the week talking about the Religious Discrimination Bill?

AMANDA STOKER: I have talked to a whole bunch of people, some of whom are from the faith communities, some of whom are from education. I’m just not sure which group you’re talking about?

JOURNALIST: There was a group that was mentioned at party rooms on Tuesday-

JOURNALIST: Australian Christian Lobby.

AMANDA STOKER: Oh, I was on Chamber Duty.

JOURNALIST: Sure. Do you have a timeline yet for when we might see the Bill in Parliament?

AMANDA STOKER: I’m not in a position to give you a date but we’re working hard on it.

JOURNALIST: How far away are you from formulating a reply to the Tune Review into the National Archives?

AMANDA STOKER: I think you’ll find that’s imminent.

JOURNALIST: This week?


JOURNALIST: This week?

AMANDA STOKER: Not that imminent.

JOURNALIST: I just want to ask, your current position on border closures in Australia with the pandemic, do you think that states should still be restricting access to other states and territories?

AMANDA STOKER: I think what we need to be doing is making sure that as people get vaccinated, we are doing everything we can to gradually open up our economy and I think that internal borders are a part of that story.


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